This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site and product changes.  If you've visted us before and want to know what has changed, then take a look here first.

January 2015 New release of Grimoire (1.2).  Ability to regenerate individual items in InnMage.  Love the Inn but want a different bar scene?  No problem
November 2015 New release of MapMage (1.5).  Edit or create room content and create stairs for multi-level dungeons
August 2014 DiceMage released for both iPhone and iPad
August 2014 New release of MapMage (1.4) with option to choose either a random or a fixed number of rooms, more content, more backgrounds, slightly increased chance of treasure and items.
December 2013 Grimoire V1.1 released.  CardMage, a Deck of Many Things tool added.
November 2013 Grimoire released.  Single application containing BookMage, InnMage (new product) and NameMage.  BookMage and NameMage redesigned.
October 2013 New release of MapMage (1.3) with Save Dungeon option and many "Look and Feel" changes
August 2013 Migration to Apple App Store commenced.  MapMage, NameMage and BookMage released